Wellness Quiz

Are you running your body? Or is it running you?
1.I have enough energy to accomplish the things that I want to do in my day.
2.I feel calm, focused, and can memorize and learn new information easily.
3.I use food to nourish my body and provide it with all the nutrients it needs to perform its best.
4.I feel well rested when I wake up in the morning.
5.Even though I may have medical conditions, they do not limit my life activities.
6.Even though life can be stressful at times, I do not feel overly stressed and can always find my inner peace.
7.Even though I may catch a cold virus occasionally, I feel that my immune system is strong.
8.Although I can experience a wide array of emotions, I am generally a happy person.
9.My sexual experiences are satisfying.
10.I love my body.
11.My body loves movement, and I provide it with enough movement during the day.